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wgIsPageEditable is a lie
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It seems sometimes mw.config.get( 'wgIsPageEditable' ) is set to true on pages that cannot be edited.

For example on wikipedia desktop main page I see a view source button but on I see an edit button.

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It's just:

$vars['wgIsPageEditable'] = $user->isAllowed( 'edit' ) && $title->getNamespace() == NS_MAIN

It doesn't take protection into account at all, let alone other things (like cascading protection). At the very least, it should use quickUserCan. See bug 43790 and for discussion of adding a proper version of this to core.

It also excludes non-mainspace, but I assume that's intentional (really not "is it editable?", though, but "is mobile ready to edit it?").

Correct. It currently means can mobile edit but yeh looks like quickCanUserEdit is the way to go! Thanks :)

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