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Add an "all" option for recent changes to monitor the same pagename globally.
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[08:38] <Technical_13> Is there any way to add cross-wiki pages to recent changes feed?
[08:38] <Technical_13> Like all of my talk pages on meta, mw, enwiki, commons, etc
[08:39] <Technical_13> or do i have to create a new rule for each?
[08:40] <Technical_13> ... other question that was answered ...
[08:41] <petan> Technical_13 1) no but it /could/ be requested

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The easiest way for this to happen would be when the bot joins the recent changes server it simply does a LIST command and joins every channel (with a second seep between each so as not to flood the server).

Could we also add functionality to stalk all language links on a wikidata item?

This way we could stalk a single page that actually has different names corss wiki :)

reopened as a reminder this functionality still isn't wirking correctly. "all" doesn't populate $url correctly.