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mwext-Math-testextensions-master should build texvc
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We do not build texvc, that should be tested. We also need to build it in the mwext-Math-testextensions-master test.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement



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Some changes related to that:

test: skip math parser tests when missing $wgTexvc

mark parsertests with option 'math'

That will at least skips math text when texvc is not installed.

Change 69872 merged by TheDJ:
test: skip math parser tests when missing $wgTexvc

Change 69873 merged by TheDJ:
mark parsertests with option 'texvc'

Created attachment 13352
list of dependencies provided by wikimedia-task-appserver

In production we use the scap-recompile shell script which is provided by the wikimedia-task-appserver Debian package:

$ dpkg -S scap-recompile

That packages is in operations/debs/wikimedia-task-appserver.git and provides a bunch of dependencies (attached). That is how we installed distributions packages before the puppet era.

I dont think we should install that package on the Jenkins machine. Either we need a new package or migrate part of its content to a puppet manifest. From there, we will be able to get all the requirements installed on Jenkins boxes and thus compile texvc.


I recently added a role::math puppet class for the mediawiki-vagrant project that seems to work. The gerrit patch can be seen at

This configuration may be missing something as I mostly just followed and tweaked until I could run the unit tests and render a copy of locally.

Does the jenkins job do the things this bug was opened to track or is there still additional work that needs to be done to close this?

Bryan: the job you reference compiles and deploy on the test cluster. This bug is about doing the compilation when a patch is proposed. That is not that much of a priority though since I don't see anyone merging some caml that does not compile. Lowering priority.

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Eventually texvc has been removed entirely (thank you @Physikerwelt !). Hence CI no more has to build texvc nor support objective caml.


T74240: Remove PNG only rendering mode
T195871: Remove dead texvc code from the math extension