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Parsoid: Comments inside link labels not preserved correctly
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Elitre on 49608:
"Not sure if it's the same thing, but I just did this today
and it discarded commented text which, as noted above, should be there for a
reason :)"

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Some specific examples:

[ Google <!-- comment text -->]
[[Main Page|Page<!-- comment text -->]]
<ref>[ Google <!-- comment text -->]</ref>

round trip to

[ Google ]<!-- comment text -->
[[Main Page|Page]]<!-- comment text -->
<ref>[ Google ]</ref>

This is at least partly a Parsoid bug. The first link parses to:

<p data-parsoid="{&quot;dsr&quot;:[0,52,0,0]}"><a rel="mw:ExtLink" href="" data-parsoid="{&quot;targetOff&quot;:23,&quot;dsr&quot;:[0,52,23,1]}">Google </a></p><!-- comment text -->

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