VisualEditor: Wikitext "review your changes" is relatively unhelpful for page creations; consider behaviour
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See the screenshot. I get that it's sort of a one-sided diff in a <poem> box, but it isn't particularly useful to review since no tweaks made by the VE that are problematic could be picked out; one would have to review the entire article, in markup.

I'm not sure if there's a better way to work it or if the answer is just to kill it for new page creations, but.

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bzimport set Reference to bz50180.

This is the exact same behaviour as the wikitext editor; I'm not sure what the 'ask' is?

I guess the ask is "can we come up with a better way of handling things, or alternately not load the option to review on new page creations?" The wikitext editor handles it this way, yes. The wikitext editor sucks at it, and shouldn't be providing that button in that scenario ;p.

I disagree; albeit as a power-user, I check the resultant wikitext quite often when I'm doing complex things with templates and parser functions (especially the kind that are subst:'ed).

This will be somewhat moot when we have an HTML-based "review your changes" available as well, but that's some months off at this point. :-( Rewording.

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(Oliver Keyes, where's the screenshot?)

Currently on enwiki and [Review your changes] on a new page displays the wiki text in a <pre> tag, so the wiki markup continues way off to the right side and is almost unusable.

If VE just gave it a style "ve-review-newpage" and give it something like

white-space: pre-wrap;

it would be somewhat usable. Or you could use a poem-like div, from comment #0 it sounds like VE used that in June.


(In reply to comment #0)

See the screenshot.

Where? I see no attachments.

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Closing since (1) we don't have a clear suggestion here, (2) some power editors clearly find the tool useful, and (3) it would be needlessly confusing to normally have a "review your changes" button, but take it away when you're creating a page. I've opened T106926 for the main design inconsistency between the two flavors of the dialog.

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