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VisualEditor: Edits made by users with +reviewer rights should not get flagged on pages with FlaggedRevs enabled
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I deliberately edited [[Roller coaster]], an article under Pending Changes that had an unreviewed change, using my administrator account, using VisualEditor. When editing source, there would be an edit notice advising of the pending change, which is not present with VisualEditor. Nonetheless, edits by an administrator account are supposed to be automatically accepted. Instead, my edit was made subject to review. See screenshot at

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Expanding on the above, when editing a PendingChanges article with actively pending changes using source code, admins/reviewers must either accept or revert the outstanding PCs before their own edit is saved. This is not happening under VisualEditor.

Isn't this just how FlaggedRevs (this is a different name for the same thing AFAIK) work? Edits by reviewers are only autoflagged if the previous revision was flagged as well.

Unless I'm misunderstanding something, the bug as described by the current summary ("VisualEditor: Edits made by users with +reviewer rights should not get flagged on pages with FlaggedRevs enabled") would be a blocker to deployment on Wikipedia using FlaggedRevs for all articles, like the Polish Wikipedia. However it seemed to behave corrently in my testing there.

I mis-understood the bug as reported; my apologies. It is in fact entirely a duplicate of bug 49699. Marking as such.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 49699 ***