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VisualEditor: Link editor requires ENTER for input
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On any page, click Link icon

Enter text in text field

Click the "<" symbol

Check the diff or save the page.

The link is created but the text entered is not preserved.

Suggest either preserving the contents of the text field upon the user clicking "<" or (less nice) disabling clicking "<" until the user has hit ENTER

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Is this still reproducible? I tried it, and the diff was empty, but maybe I'm not following the instructions correctly.

It is reproducible, let me show an example:

Assume that the first word on a page to be edited is "ThisIsALinkToGoogle" (no quotes)

Open the page to be edited and without doing anything else to the page, click the Link icon. The Link dialog shows ThisIsALinkToGoogle highlighted and entered automatically in the text field input.

In the input field, replace ThisIsALinkToGoogle by typing ""

When you finish typing, just click the left-arrow icon to close the Link dialog and (ostensibly) save what you have typed into the text field.

Do the Save page/Review your changes dance.

In the diff and in the saved page you will see
[[ThisIsALinkToGoogle]] which is not helpful.

What I would expect to see is your typing preserved in a link like [ ThisIsALinkToGoogle]

Is this the same thing as bug 48789?

OK, my apologies. I can reproduce with those steps.

Bug 48789 looks more like a UI design 'enhancement', whereas this bug is a simple bugfix for the current design.

Change 76839 had a related patch set uploaded by Trevor Parscal:
The greatest commit in the history of the world*

Change 76839 merged by jenkins-bot:
Link inspector bug fixes

This is now merged and will be deployed later.

  • Bug 51177 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***