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VisualEditor: only a part of word is linked and <nowiki/> is added
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When I select text that ends in the middle of the word and add a link, only the selected part is linked. Also, <nowiki/> is added after the link.

For example, in I selected "South Africa" and added the link. I saw an AbuseFilter warning when I was saving, but saved anyway to report the bug :)

Being a seasoned Wikipedian, I expect the whole word to be linked, although now that I think of it, I can imagine that linking a part of the word can be useful, too. So I'm not completely sure whether it's a bug or a feature.

This may be related to Bug 50127, though the description is not the same.

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This is not a 'bug', but intentional behaviour.

If you actually want to produce [[Foo]]ian as opposed to [[Foo|Fooian]], VisualEditor/Parsoid doesn't have a way to guarantee that (right now Parsoid creates piped links even when it could do link trails/heads, but this could change in the future), because it's irrelevant to the reader and to editors.

Consequently I'm marking this as "WONTFIX", but see bug 37939 for a wider discussion of the usability issue.