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VisualEditor: Localised tag description should link to content language documentation page
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When working with tags in edits, the tag can be localised in the page history (and recent changes, etc.). For example the history of [[mw:Localisation]][1] shows "(Tag: VisualEditor)" where "tag" links to [[mw:Special:Tags]] and "VisualEditor" links to [[mw:VisualEditor]].

When viewing the same history in Dutch[2], this log line part displays as "Label: Visuele tekstverwerker", which in itself is a correct localisation for Dutch. When inspecting the links, the following observations are made:

I. "Label" links to Special:Tags (expected)
II. "Visuele tekstverwerker" links to "Visuele tekstverwerker"

III. "Visuele tekstverwerker" links to the documentation page in the content language (in this example "VisualEditor"). Otherwise each wiki would be expected to have documentation in all usable user interface languages (or at least redirects) to avoid red links.


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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to High.Nov 22 2014, 2:04 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz52276.

[[mw:MediaWiki:Tag-visualeditor]] is using int: to fetch the visualeditor-descriptionpagelink, that should be done only for the content language. The link should be changed to {{MediaWiki:visualeditor-descriptionpagelink}}.

That is a problem in VisualEditor, moving component

Right. It should probably be [[{{MediaWiki:visualeditor-descriptionpagelink}}|VisualEditor]].

This was caused by gerrit 75559 - will partially-revert.

Change 76763 had a related patch set uploaded by Jforrester:
Partial revert of gerrit 8ed6dfa5423 to avoid i18n mis-links

Change 76763 merged by jenkins-bot:
Partial revert of gerrit 8ed6dfa5423 to avoid i18n mis-links

Fixed; we'll deploy this later today.