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Request library for accessing file metadata
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It would be useful to be able to access file metadata from Scribunto, particularly the height and width of images. This has already been requested a couple of times on [[Wikipedia:Lua requests]]:

Is there any chance of getting a new library to enable this functionality?

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texuguinho wrote:

Specifically, this will be useful on Wikivoyage, where every main namespace page has a banner image which must have a 7:1 aspect ratio. We need a way to check and tag them automatically for cropping, instead of always checking the file pages one-by-one and doing the math.

I just come here to request the same. I was planning to write some code for automatically creating KML files for georeferencing map images, based on 3 anchor points where user provides latitude and longitude for 3 points on the map. Dimension of the image is one of the elements I would need to have. I was surprised to discover we could not access it.

See also this wikitech-l discusion:

This should probably be closed.

The height and width of an image was exposed to lua in

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as per my previous comment and due to the fact that Ricardisamoa has not repurposed this bug.

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