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SpecialRecentChanges: Show changes from multiple wikis
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Author: dimitar.tsonev

This page (
shows several mediawikis' recent changes. The script
( will be useful
to be implemented as a extension or in the code itself.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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It could be used for sites as a supplementary RC page (beside
the existing one for the site's RC).

gangleri wrote:

See bug 3525 comment 1 related to the implementation od a crosswiki "Watchlist".
Bug 3525: Cross-wiki watchlists with option for public viewing

If both will be implemented the functionality should provide the same options.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

busch wrote:

I had requested something similar a few months ago. I'm monitoring pages on
both the French and English Wikipedias, and it would be convienent if clicking
on the 'my watchlist' tab gave me changes in both.

Changed component to "RecentChanges"

This is unlikely to land in MediaWiki core as it requires a lot of logic on the client-side to know about what different wikis exist, how they are configured. As well as some entry point (either MediaWiki API polling or perhaps RCStream-based).

This is the kind of thing an extension would provide. See bug 66177 for example.