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Filter out SVN-era i18n commit noise from gitblit's statistics page
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Gitblit has a very nice statistics page (for example, for [[mw:Extension:SocialProfile]]) that shows, among others, "primary authors by commit activity".

According to this stats page, for all extensions imported from, the most active committers are (TWN) staff members, usually Siebrand or Raymond. This is because they used to handle the committing of i18n changes from TWN -- which is nowadays handled by l10n-bot, and I understand that l10n-bot is filtered out from all the appropriate statistics.

It would be nice to have these semi-automated i18n commits (the ones where the log message is something like "Localisation updates for") filtered out from this stats page.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement



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The gitblit software powering is in the process of being replaced by Phabricator Diffusion. See:

T111465: [keyresult] Deprecate gitblit in favor of Diffusion
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