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VisualEditor: [Regression] Copy/paste of existing templates and images broken (unformatted text pasted only)
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Copy/pasting a template that existed prior to the current session only pastes, as literal text, the unformatted text output of the template. Template boxes, etc are ignored. Images are ignored unless they have alt-text, in which case the alt-text is pasted in the position the image would be if shown.

Templates added in the current editing session can be copied and pasted as expected.

Possibly this is a result of the fix to bug 49396?

To reproduce:

  1. Load any page with 1 or more templates or images, e.g.
  1. select and copy a template or image
  2. Paste the somewhere else in the page.

Expected behaviour: the full template or image is pasted
Actual behaviour (templates): Only text output of the template is pasted, unformatted and unlinked.
Actual behaviour (images): Only the image caption is pasted, unformatted and unlinked.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
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