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VisualEditor: Rendering of <source> MWExtensionNode is empty after the user edits it
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  1. Create a page with <source lang="JavaScript">some content here</source>
  2. Edit the page in VE. Note that the <source> tag renders correctly
  3. Use the alien tag inspector to edit the contents of the <source> tag
  4. The <source> tag rerenders as an empty block

This is because the HTML <source> tag is self-closing and cannot have any content. This leads to strange situations like:


<source lang=​"JavaScript">​whee​</source>​


"<source lang="JavaScript"></source>"

To avoid the HTML behavior for this and possibly other tag names, we should create an XML node rather than an HTML node to build the wikitext string for the preview.

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Severity: normal
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Change 98392 had a related patch set uploaded by Esanders:
Render MW extension node wikitext with XML

Change 98392 merged by jenkins-bot:
Render MW extension node wikitext with XML