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interwiki -skip
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Reported by: Anonymous user
Created on: 2010-03-31 11:23:32
Subject: interwiki -skip
Original description:
In addition to -skipauto and -skipfile that are used to skip certain pages, please provide an option to skip certain language\(s\) in a session, so that -neverlink:XX doesn't link FROM xx, and -skip:XX doesn't link TO xx. It would be a logical complement to existing skip options and would make it possible to dynamically disable the bot for a certain language\(s\) in a session rather than disable it globally for all sessions in user\_config. Thanks.

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Severity: enhancement
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also, it could be a modification of the current -ignore option, so the bot could ignore not only lang:page combination but also the lang only, i.e. with -ignore:xx it would ignore any links to/from xx and would not make any change to xx wiki. anyone to implement this?

Xqt added a subscriber: Xqt. is used very rare yet. Feel free to reopen if you need it implemented.