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Clarify message for removal of all interwiki links
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Originally from:
Reported by: jandudik
Created on: 2010-03-16 21:30:34
Subject: Better message
Assigned to: xqt
Original description:
Whe bot removes all interwiki links, there should be better summary, something like:

Bot: removes \[\[en:foo\]\] \(all iw\)
Bot removes all interwiki

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Severity: enhancement
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What is the reason for that? Could you give me a hint?

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e.g. in article is only one interwiki link, which is incorrect. when there is only log: Bot removed \[\[en:foo\]\] users don't recognize there is no other iw. when there is log: bot removes all interwiki, users know, there is something bad.

This is idea from user:Miraceti.

Is this for the edit summary or the log file?

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