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Interproject interwikilinks -same option e.g. for Wiktionary-Wikipedia
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Reported by: jandudik
Created on: 2009-12-21 10:10:59
Subject: WIKTIONARY linker
Original description:
It would be useful some module like, which would gou through wiktionary articles and check, if there is the same-name article in same language wikipedia. If yes, bot would ask if I want to connect these articles including \{\{wiktionary|article\}\} to wikipedia \[\[article\]\] or \[\[article \(something\)\]\] \(or both\) and \{\{Wikipedia|article\}\} \(alternatively more articles\) to wiktionary one.

This maybe cannot be full autonomously, but helpful

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Severity: enhancement
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Makes sense but there is no standard for such links.

It would make sense to wait until Wiktionary is supported by Wikidata.

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Completely outdated