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Allow multiple interwiki links to one language
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Reported by: milda
Created on: 2009-02-24 09:28:40
Subject: Allow multiple interwiki links to one language
Original description:
On Wikisource no autonomous interwiki bots are running, I'm using -confirm to ease of manual work, but I cannot use it if there are more than one page in one language matching to one or more pages in another language. This is typical for translations of well-known literar works, for example\_Raven\_\(Poe\) or\_nye\_Kl%C3%A6der and others.

Is it possible to allow \(with new command-line parameter\) and process multiple links to the same language domain? At the same time, if more than one interwiki link on some page to one language exist, then is important to keep order of such links, because some domains use extra techniques for displaying additional information, as you can see on The Raven page \(\{\{Interwiki-info|fr1|some description\}\} refers to the first \[\[fr:foo\]\] interwiki link etc.\).

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
See Also:
T45671: Pages with more than one interwiki only show one single link, T7531: Custom text for interlanguage links



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Given bug 43671, the provided usecase might be invalid now (sadly).

Interwiki's are one per language. I would say WONTFIX for this bug.

(In reply to comment #2)

Interwiki's are one per language. I would say WONTFIX for this bug.

one per language (1:1)in other projects, but in Wikisource must be multiple (m:n)

On Wikidata each edition has different metadata so each edition gets a separate wikidata item. If a language wikisource has multiple editions of a work then each has a sitelink to a different wikidata item.

Each wikidata edition item is linked back to the wikidata general item for the work using the 'edition of' property.

This means the only problem is if a wikisource has multiple copies of the same edition. We can even cope with that by treating them as different editions and creating additional wikidata items so each has a separate wikidata item.

It also means that you can use sitelinks to link to translations in other language wikisources - as they are in different languages therefore they are different editions and different wikidata items so the sitelinks don't connect.

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