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VisualEditor:Unlimited cascade of references appear if an image with reference gets added as reference
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The reference for the main page

Steps to reproduce:

1.Click on the Edit button
2.Add a reference to a text
3.In the reference dialog add an image
4.Also type some text into that reference box (for example "The content" in this case.)
5.Now select the image
6.Go to Media Settings
7.Now add a reference to that image
8.Type anything for this second reference box
9.Apply changes in all three dialog boxes
10.Save the changes
11.Reopen the editor
12.Select the reference [1]
13.Open the reference dialog box

Observed Result:
The text "The content" appears as a template with a highlighted blue box around it.Now click on the [1] reference on the image by going to the media settings of the image.
It opens the same content for the first reference and it keeps on opening the same window as you repeatedly do it for all the reference windows appears.

Expected Result:
The reference on the main page and the reference on the image should be different content.But since the reference in image [1] is pointing to the same [1] for the article ,this issue arises.

See the screenshots attached

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
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Screen_Shot_2013-11-25_at_4.47.48_PM.png (628×919 px, 124 KB)



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How it appears after step 13


Screen_Shot_2013-11-25_at_4.40.15_PM.png (727×1 px, 213 KB)

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Opening the same dialog box unlimited times


Screen_Shot_2013-11-25_at_4.45.24_PM.png (804×1 px, 329 KB)

Test Environment: production
Browser: FF 25
OS: MAC OS X 10. 8. 5
Example Page:

Click on the [1] reference of this page.

Re-checked - seems that the contents of all "nested" references are displayed correctly. No repeatedly open windows appear.

Marking as resolved.

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