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Chunked upload sometimes seems to not update status after assembly job
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Splitting this from bug 36587 comment 64, bug 36587 comment 72

Steps to reproduce:
*Probably want to try this on The upload pipeline on a local install (without swift, with different job queue set up) is rather different.
*Get a big file. Say about 400 MB. For example the latest version of [[commons:File:Konkani_Viswakosh_Vol2.pdf]].
*Upload it using chunked uploading. Using something like [[commons:User:Rillke/bigChunkedUpload.js]] can be more convenient than upload wizard.
*Upload using chunked api, making sure async option is specified
*Eventually progress will halt at the queuing stage
*File is listed at Special:UploadStash assembled, despite returning the wrong status to the upload script. You can use API to verify it is assembled properly by fetching either the file size, or the sha1 sum. I made a hacky script to do this - [[commons:User:Bawolff/stash.js]]
*Sending the publish api command works to publish file despite the API claiming not to be ready for that step.

I expect this has to do with storing info in _SESSION, and especially editing _SESSION from a cli script, is unreliable.

Version: 1.23.0
Severity: normal



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I think I may just have run into this bug (UploadWizard getting stuck at "Submitting details and publishing..." for much more than 1h). The file was visible in Special:UploadStash and I used the helpful tool described above (in Rillke's version [[commons:MediaWiki:EnhancedStash.js]], now linked as a button under Special:UploadStash. This uploaded the file successfully, but there was a subsequent issue with the creation of the file description page. see,_2014.ogv ).

(In reply to Tilman Bayer from comment #1)

subsequent issue with the creation of the file description page

Which is probably Bug 32551

FWIW, with this month's metrics video upload (,_2014.ogv , 898MB) I encountered a similar issue again: UploadWizard got stuck at "Submitting details and publishing..." for more than 1h. Fortunately though, I noticed from my contributions list that the file was actually already published correctly right after the upload, including the file description page with the information that had been entered into UploadWizard. It's just that theh upload progress page at was not updated, and still shows the spinner and the "Submitting..." message right now.