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API:Purge - forcerecursivelinkupdate not reflected in API response
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The forcerecursivelinkupdate parameter is not reflected in the API response for the Purge module.

It is also (to me) unclear whether it actually triggers a cascading link table update since the job queue remains largely unchanged (even for high use templates).

To reproduce:
0) Log-in

  1. go to (Low use template)

Returned: {"purge":[{"ns":10,"title":"Template:WLPA-se","purged":"","linkupdate":""}]}
Expected: {"purge":[{"ns":10,"title":"Template:WLPA-se","purged":"","linkupdate":"","recursivelinkupdate":""}]}

Version: 1.23.0
Severity: normal



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If "linkupdate" appears in the result then the forcerecursivelinkupdate will have been passed to the links update job, and the API has no way of knowing anything beyond that. I don't see the point of adding yet another flag to the result.

Due to the way links update jobs work, there will not be a large effect on the job queue.