VisualEditor: Provide a way for the user to view and edit a specific part of source, without switching entirely to wikicode
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Gryllida on en.wp says that sometimes you just want "to look at source to see how something works or to fix something VE has no interface for" and finds it difficult "to read a massive amount of source for a small thing; a view or edit selection source context menu item is missing", something one could invoke by selecting and right-clicking the part of article in question.

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The user also noticed that "Web browsers usually have 'view selection source' menu item".

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Duplicate of bug 47779 / bug 52950?

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It is my understanding that 47779 is simply asking that one is able to come back to VE after switching to wikicode. Gryllida never wants to leave VE in the first place, but basically asks for a tiny wikicode editor which only shows the source/loads the part of the article s/he's interested in, rather than all of it.

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