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facilitate syntax for BiDi editing (tracking)
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Author: gangleri

This is a meta-bug for items where wiki syntax, MediaWiki message syntax,
configuration syntax for extensions etc. should facilitate BiDi editing.

Please note that the bidirectional (BiDi) algorithm does not applay in editboxes
as users would expect because:

  • the rendering of the content of the editbox is similar to rendering of *one*

paragraph only

  • the number of nesting levels supported by the BiDi algorithm is limited
  • if Unicode BiDi characters are present they are not displayed in most browsers
  • if Uniode BiDi characters are encoded as HTML entities these are handeled /

rendered as text in order to be edited; same applays to all dir="foo" occurences

Offering a syntax that allows users to use multiple lines would make it easier
to overcome known broser bugs related to:

  • cursor movements and caret positioning
  • selection of text
  • etc.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Adding 'tracking' keyword.

We close tracking bugs when all of their children are closed, right?