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Video's PLAY button has a fixed size
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Examples showing the play-button

All videos have a play button, but the size of the play button seems to have a fixed size (70 x 53 pixels?).

Even if you make the video smaller than 70x53 pixels, the play button remains that size. In the attached image i have examples from the Swedish Wikipedia-page [[:sv:Wikipedia:Månadens nyuppladdade bilder|Wikipedia:Månadens nyuppladdade bilder]] ("This months newly uploaded images") and to the left is two videos displayed with the gallery-function. On one of them the play button is slightly wider than the video. To the right is a part of the list of previous months best photos (and a video). None of the items in the list are wider than 30 pixels, but the play button is way bigger than the video.

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Severity: minor


bugzilla_VideoPLAY.jpg (293×683 px, 106 KB)



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I see the same problem in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Thanks for taking the time to report this!

Am I correct that it only creates a problem for videos displayed smaller than 70x53 pixels?