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Performance issues with "site" module (tracking)
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As far as I know, the reason for loading the site module in a separate request is that it needs to execute in global context, rather than in a standard module closure, but we can work around it by using $.globalEval.

Regardless of whether or not that is the reason, let's figure out how to load it along with other modules, and save ourselves a request in the critical path.

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In addition to being a separate request, it also an unversioned currently because it has to be hardcoded in the html. Loading it with mw.loader will provide better caching. Depends on T32358.

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Using it currently complains about two uncacheable resources related this task. Namely the two requests for the site module (stylesheet and script).

Eliminate render-blocking CSS (1/3)

Leverage browser caching (2/5)

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Closing since the remaining work isn't specific to the site module but part of T96797.