VisualEditor: Provide a wiki-specific tool in the formatting menu that wraps selections in templates for semantic mark-up
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e.g. in wiktionary semantic classes such as "distinct feature," "usage example," "syllables," "pronunciation," etc.

These would likely be more important for this community than the default preformatted styles used on wikipedia.

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This would likely be a site admin task to add the site specific styles.

It would be good if the addition of the new text styles was as simple as eg. adding of new gadget definitions (instead of having to code long javascript code to add new items in the list)


  • usage example | <span class="usageexample">{{{1|usage example}}}</span>
  • definition | <dfn class="definition">{{{1|definition}}}</dfn>


To confirm, is this is asking for a tool to wrap selections in templates?