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Newline after header is eaten
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Screenshot from URL has:


기본 인터페이스

[[Special:CheckUser]]로 이동하세요.

which became:

사용 == === 기본 인터페이스 === # [[Special:CheckUser]]로 이동하세요. ...

on Special:PageMigration

Version: master
Severity: normal




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Nemo_bis created this task.May 29 2014, 4:58 PM

As visible in the screenshot, some newlines e.g. in a # list are shown as eaten as well, but they were saved correctly AFAICS:

We probably need a saner strategy to handle whitespace in general: Niklas, any idea?
Here newlines and spaces were added semi-randomly: when the paragraph was originally ok in ; the diff is otherwise sane.

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pr4tiklahoti wrote:

As per the attachment above, the bug seems to be fixed. The problem was arising due to usage of divs previously and setting its .text property. Replacing divs by textareas seems to have solved the problem. So marking this as resolved.