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Disable images in signatures
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Some communities have policies which disallow images in signatures, and would prefer enforcing it on the software level.

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All subtasks in this tracking task (an umbrella task which specified no work itself) are resolved as invalid.

Hence nothing is tracked here, and as explains, this should be a software feature request instead, not 'tracking" anything.
Hence turning this task into one.

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There are several users (including me) who use an image as part of their signature, I believe that this aspect should not be banned altogether (at least not at the software level). I personally since my beginnings in Wikimedia projects I use my image and I have never been questioned that anywhere.

I think this could be applied in cases of images that are GIFs, and that they are really overwhelming for the servers and slow down the loading of the pages. Common images such as JPGs or PNGs do not cause me any problem in my case (I use a 250kbps downlink connection).

Similarly, I believe that a complete ban should only be applied to each project after reaching a local consensus and not prohibiting it at once. That's all I can say about this aspect.

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