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test2wiki: "Link" and other lightboxes completely empty
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Link lightbox is empty

On any page on

In the wikitext editor

type some text; highlight the text; click the link icon

resulting lightbox should contain "Insert Link" interface with "Target page" and "Text to display" but instead is completely empty.

Note: not see on, but possibly a risk of it happening there.

Version: 1.24rc
Severity: normal


Screen_Shot_2014-06-09_at_9.36.36_AM.png (1×2 px, 490 KB)



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For me not only adding a link in wiki editor is completely broken; same for other buttons that I tried - no interface shown.

Console says:

TypeError: $.browser is undefined      load.php:31

That specific line says "if($.browser.msie)". For browser detection, jQuery.client (!/api/jQuery.client) is recommended instead.

Florian: Yeah, likely (thanks for catching that).
I'll let Krinkle (or so) decide who knows way better than me...

I wonder why this problem is on test2wiki now but not on mw.o. Seems risky.

Maybe has enabled jquerymigrate?

Line in question is part of jquery.ui.dialog.js (specifically, jQuery UI Dialog 1.8.24). To get filenames, run in debug mode ( If there's already a question mark in the URL (as there is here, since it's an edit page), add '&debug=true' (no quotes) to the URL. If there's no question mark yet, add '?debug=true' (no quotes).

Thus, this is a duplicate of bug 47076. It will be fixed when jQuery UI 1.9 rolls out.

jQuery Migrate is specifically disabled on test2wiki, probably so such errors will show up there (eventually jQuery Migrate will be disabled everywhere, so we need to catch these errors now):

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 47076 ***