VisualEditor: Turn structure dropdown into a "split button" with "make bulleted list" the primary action
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A split button consists of a "command button" and a "dropdown button". These are two separate clickable entities. The command button behaves like a regular toolbar button, but it displays the most recent command the user invoked from the dropdown menu.

It was suggested by User:Theflyer to convert VE's list toolbar button into a split button:

When selecting an item from the menu, like lists, I think the button should be sticky and perform the action that is currently shown rather than requiring two clicks to take an action. The example that brought this to my attention is when creating bullets. The default icon shows a traditional bullet so when I click on that, I expect it to just start a bullet. However, the action I get is to open the menu where I then have to select which bullet list option I would prefer. I think there should be a way to act on the existing icon (and it should change to whatever I had last selected) and also a way to pull down the list if I want to change to a different type of action. This is the way Microsoft Word works. There are two clickable hotspots. Thanks. Don Theflyer (talk) 15:55, 21 June 2014 (UTC)

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Hmm. Maybe. Is bulleted list the principal structure-action people will take, over "make blockquote" or "indent" or "insert table" or "insert row" or…?

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I think you're slightly misunderstanding what is meant by "split button". There is no single "primary action"; see this video [1] for an example of how the command on the "command button" part of the split button changes as different options are picked from the dropdown.

[1] Sorry, it's a disgusting video hosting site, I hope you can tolerate the advertising!