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Translate extension shows no "edit conflict" error when two users translate the same thing
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A user was updating a translation from
but was not notified that there were other edits to the page while he was editing. In other words, the usual "edit conflict" error was not shown to the user and he silently discarded parts of previous changes.
The page history shows his edit was saved 2 seconds after mine:

2014-07-09T18:21:08‎ @Danilo .mac
2014-07-09T18:21:06‎ @He7d3r

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I guess you meant not ]]There are several days in between those edits in the description..

I tried this locally but it does show the proper error for edit conflicts now. I haven't checked non-tux (legacy) mode. Do you remember whether you were using the legacy interface during that edit?

I don't remember which interface was in use at that time.

I've had a recent instance of no edit conflict (the first two edits on this history page).