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Date of creation of Bugzilla report is missing
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bugzillapreview doesn't show anywhere the date of creation of Bugzilla reports, see for instance (Reported: 2014-03-22 18:12 UTC)

In an ideal world, right below the description a first status would say

Qgil created this task. Via Conduit · Mar 22 2014, 18:12

Probably more importantly, this will affect our capacity to produce metrics over time for any period prior to the migration. See for instance the Bugzilla history versus the Phabricator history.

In our team meetings @chasemp has explained how difficult is to show this because of... Bugzilla or Phabricator API not supporting this (or something along these lines, please add the proper explanation). If we can do this, great. If we can't do this, then let's use this task to document why.

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I know that Chase can do magic and I've been given secret hints that this will happen.

Perfect! Works in the Search Results view and in the task view via "bzimport created this task."

I guess this will make having some activity statistics easier and querying for tickets that have not seen changes for the last two years possible (for retriage).

that field is strictly informational, the "creation" metadata for search was always set fyi (it just doesn't show up anywhere in ui)