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Flow contains obscure "suppress" terminology
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The difference between the various actions is unclear, unexplained, undocumented, probably inconsistent with core. Affected messages include:


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My understanding is that 'suppress' serve the same purpose as wikitext suppression ( / ).

Essentially, it's an extra-powerful version of deletion granted to the 'oversight' group.

I believe the others are conceptually consistent with core too:

  • Hide - Logically (and permission-wise) equivalent to clicking edit on a wikitext talk page, removing a talk page post , then clicking save. In other words, it's no longer readily accessible, but still fully in the history and viewable by non-privileged users.
  • Delete - Essentially the same as regular admin deletion of a wikitext page.
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This seems to be fixed. 'Suppress' is not a new Flow term, and there is an explanatory link in the qqq.

If it needs more documentation, please re-open.

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