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Agora .mw-ui-input focus indicator uses a different blue from colorProgressive
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The comment for the "left bar" focus indicator recently merged to core in the style guide ( is "When focused a progressive highlight appears to the left of the field."

But the hardcoded color for the left box-shadow in resources/src/mediawiki.ui/components/inputs.less is #5088f7, which isn't colorProgressive (#347bff). It's lighter and more washed-out.

Flow originally used #347bff for the focus indicator. Shahyar's prototype of new UI ideas used #5088f7, Flow switched to that value in April with template rendering, and that's been the color ever since. FWIW both the .png in the Trello card and the original Agora_specs.pdf use #4C85FB without actually specifying a color.

If we want a different color for the focus indicator we should derive it from colorProgressive using LESS color operations, and modify the comment in the CSS.

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Change 156839 had a related patch set uploaded by Jdlrobson:
Use correct progressive color on inputs

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Use correct progressive color on inputs