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[upstream] Jenkins ArtifactDeployer plugin v0.31 breaks lazy load causing slow start
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I have upgraded Jenkins which loaded just fine. Then updated a bunch of plugins including ArtifactDeployer to 0.31. That version breaks lazy loading and cause the whole history to be loaded on Jenkins initialization.

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Workaround: I have manually downgraded the plugin to previous version.

Version: wmf-deployment
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Somehow the ArtifactDeployer plugin got upgraded on Aug 7th 20:57 UTC despite it being broken.

Manually downgrading by using /var/lib/jenkins/plugins/artifactdeployer-0.29.bak and copying to override artifactdeployer.jpi

We are sticking to the previous version (0.29) for now.

A new version of the plugin has been released as stated on upstream bug but I dont really have the bandwidth to verify whether it fix the slow startup.

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JENKINS-24140 has been fixed and released with v0.32

We are now using v0.33 and lazy loading works just fine (I restarted Jenkins this morning).