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Installation documentation should explain memcached
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Installation documentation mentions memcached only under requirements, but for somebody new to MediaWiki and OAuth extension this is unclear. Also, installation without memcached fails in a strange way without clear message. I spent quite some time debugging why it does not work. I think there should be few lines how to run a simple local memcached in installation process for OAuth and then link to the memcached paage for more information. And OAuth should throw some error mentioning that memcached is missing.

(BTW, I am running MediaWiki + OAuth on SQLite and it seems to work.)

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(Taking back, SQLite works only with one consumer.)

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I also felt confused while debugging. Are there any chances to get OAuth working with a non-memcached fallback?

I note memcached isn't actually required, but it does require that $wgMainCacheType is something that persists across requests. CACHE_NONE won't work, 'hash' won't work. Note there's no straightforward way to detect that $wgMainCacheType is really something that will persist.

It could be changed such that OAuth uses its own cache variable instead of $wgMemc / $wgMainCacheType and default that to CACHE_ANYTHING.

Change 221863 had a related patch set uploaded (by Anomie):
Use our own cache configuration variable

Change 221863 merged by jenkins-bot:
Use session cache instead of $wgMemc for request token and nonce storage

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