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Special:PageMigration should have a navigation bar at the top to switch between languages
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Author: pr4tiklahoti

The current way of obtaining input from the user at Special:PageMigration is to ask for the page name and the language code for which old translations need to be imported.

As a translation admin, it is useful if I would be aware of the languages in which the translations exist for the page I am importing. This would help me in switching to another language once I am done with importing for one language.

Possible implementations:

  1. Navigation bar: This would show the languages in a way something similar to how shows.
  1. Drop-down: The language code input field could be a drop down list listing only the language codes in which the translations are available.

Enhancements to the above proposals:

  1. For option 1, once an import has been done, the language code/name change be marked with a different color so that the user knows which languages are yet to be imported. Or else, it could be removed from the template itself, which is debatable.

Please comment on the above approaches so that we can take this forward.

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pr4tiklahoti wrote:

The opensearch api can be used to fetch the translation pages:

For example: