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Input fields should be relative to input strings
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fields are too long

input fields are unreasonably long on

Editor Columns and Rows supports a max value of 1000, e.g. 4 characters, the input fields should limit input to 4 characters and be sized such that 4 characters fit comfortably ~70 pixels in length.

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In the style guide inputs are defined as having a width of 100% of the containing element.

We probably need a modifier for these types of input e.g. mw-ui-input q small ?

Note we could use the size attribute but it's not clear how this would work on a mobile device/in a responsive layout.

I wasn't saying the field should be less tall, rather less wide. A standard control is good, just needs to hold fewer characters.

  • Bug 70425 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

I know. Width 100% = wide.

What should the size be? Should small be the default or should big be the default for input fields?

The input field should suggest to the user the type of content that should be entered. There is no hard and fast rule for open ended fields, however fields with structured input (character limited) should support the number of characters allowed plus consistent padding.

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As another example as pointed out by Jared this happens here"

Special:Preferences => Appearance tab => Time offset => Other (specify offset)

Then, the text field below is too long.

Change 161016 had a related patch set uploaded by Prtksxna:
inputs.less: Use .mw-ui-input-inline for type="number"

Change 161016 merged by jenkins-bot:
inputs.less: Use .mw-ui-input-inline for type="number"