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unable to create topic without Javascript enabled
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In Firefox, in about:config, switch javascript:enabled to false


User with no javascript can type a Flow title, but can not type a Flow body or save a Flow topic

This is a regression problem, see

Version: unspecified
Severity: major



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Gerrit 156489 deliberately set the needed textarea and buttons in flow_newtopic_form to style="display:none" in order to "Avoid flash of unstyled content on new topic form." JS then makes them visible on click.

On the standalone new-topic page both JS and no-JS should simply show the entire form from the start.

An alternative is to use the client-{,no}js classes to control display, but that would mean doing useless JS work and would have to tweak to avoid the FOUC flash. See

Possible fix in gerrit 163993

Bug 72068 is another bug with no-JS new topic.

I mean possible fix is in gerrit 166711