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At nowiki the nowiki-tag shows up in some edits done with VisualEditor
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It seems like nowiki-tags show up at edits done at nowiki with VisualEditor.

The first of the two examples ( could be a copy-paste. If so it is an user error and the same as in Bug 68928 VisualEditor: Copy/pasting causes <nowiki> and <em> tags to appear.

The second edit seems to be different ( and I'm not sure what has happened here. Perhaps it is Bug 49820 - VisualEditor: When user types in '[[' in the page or another DOM input widget, pop up a reminder that they're using VisualEditor. If this is the case the user has clicked through a warning (has it failed?) and still saved.

There is a thread at nowiki about this, ("Empty nowiki-tags")

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Allow me to underline the irony of a nowiki at :D

I don't think the first case is related to that bug - that simply looks like wikicode copy/pasted in a VE instance, that's why the nowiki tags are generated.

The second case looks more like a confused attempt to edit a wikilink, similar to [[bug 70286]].

As for wikitext warnings, those do exist, but I don't know if they're currently working (I filed a bug about that today) or if they're supposed to work when you copy/paste (not type) wikicode. I'd argue this should be possibile, since this is not the first time we see copy/pasting confusion.

This should perhaps be a feature request as it seems to be about additional warning messages.

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@Elitre is correct that the two bugs look like they are due to pasting wikitext into a place where wikitext doesn't work. Given the changes since then, this is unlikely to be as much of an issue, but we really can't stop users from doing the wrong thing in all occasions.

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