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WikiGrok v. B should show more than 1 tag per line
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wikigrok v. b on beta labs

On iPhone 5/iOS 8:

  1. The tags in WikiGrok version B are centered rather than fitting to the width of the screen (see mock:
  1. The "nationality" label is missing from the suggested nationality tag

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bingle-admin wrote:

Prioritization and scheduling of this bug is tracked on Trello card

I guess we need to make the tags smaller so that more than one can fit on a line.

The nationality problem may have been caused by

Change 169570 had a related patch set uploaded by Kaldari:
Fix nationalities label in WikiGrok v B

Change 169570 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix nationalities label in WikiGrok v B

I don't know how we can solve the tag problem. To be frank the design is just not that good... it hasn't considered the variable text length nor i18n. We can make it spill on to two lines but that completely breaks the design. These are the kind of problems I raised back in the beginning about why we should be using standard controls.

The nationality issue is fixed, so removing that from the bug title.

CCing Moiz for design input...

i18n shouldn't be an issue right now; we're on enwiki only at this stage :) And we don't have a standard design to solve this, since it's a completely novel workflow. That's the point of building it in alpha/beta first and testing.

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