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KeyError: allpages for interwiki
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Description -async -family:wiktionary -cleanup -continue -array:50 -query:30 -untranslated

NOTE: The first unfinished subject is [[cs:Kategorie:Finština]]
NOTE: Number of pages queued is 30, trying to add 30 more.
Dump cs (wiktionary) written.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "D:\Py\", line 2665, in <module>
  File "D:\Py\", line 2639, in main
  File "D:\Py\", line 2358, in run
  File "D:\Py\", line 2331, in queryStep
  File "D:\Py\", line 2299, in oneQuery
    site = self.selectQuerySite()
  File "D:\Py\", line 2270, in selectQuerySite
    self.generateMore(globalvar.maxquerysize - mycount)
  File "D:\Py\", line 2178, in generateMore
    page =
  File "D:\Py\", line 1104, in CombinedPageGenerator
    for page in generator:
  File "D:\Py\", line 549, in AllpagesPageGenerator
  File "D:\Py\", line 8559, in allpages
    warning = data['warnings']['allpages']['*']
KeyError: 'allpages'

Version: compat-(1.0)
Severity: critical



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This warning is what is causing the exception:

print data['warnings']


{u'query': {u'*': u"Formatting of continuation data will be changing soon. To co
ntinue using the current formatting, use the 'rawcontinue' parameter. To begin u
sing the new format, pass an empty string for 'continue' in the initial query."}

Malafaya, I suggest that you try to migrate from compat to core.
More contributors fixing bugs in core than in compat.

I'm giving it another try. Things seem to be smoother in the initial setup now.
But I reopened bug 71115, because that same problema is happening in core now (again?).

OK, I gave 'core' a try but whereas 'compat' works fine with closed wikis, 'core' does not and halts everytime an interwiki (a working one) for such wikis is found (see my previous comment). So currently I have no working interwiki bot for Wiktionaries. Thanks anyway.

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