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Section [edit] link is not shown inside columns through CSS
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The problem can be seen on the page

In is possibile to see that the [modifica] link is present only near "Trasporti" (section 16) and near "In aeroporto" (section 17) but is missing from "Autobus e Treno" (section 18) to "Orientarsi" (section 21), reappearing in "Mangiare" (section 22). This means that the sections are correctly considered but not shown

Same thing in where is present only the "Emergenza" one (section 11). The difference with the previous one is the presence of a "sentence" before the split in column.

The template used for the split is: and the CSS code is basically the following: <div style="-moz-column-count:2; -webkit-column-count:2; column-count:2;">.....</div>

I've got the same result using Chrome, Mozilla and IE8. With IE8 the two column function doesn't work (I suppose because it do not recognize "-moz" command).

Is something that can be resolved?

Version: 1.25-git
Severity: normal
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Possibly related to bug 50369?

Is it possible that the parser doesn't add section edit links inside wikitext that appears as a template parameter?

Hi TTO, I don't think so (but I'm not 100% sure), because as explained above the count of the section is correct. Although if you click on the first (and only) visible section, you can see in the edit box also the following "not-shown" sections.

Just to avoid misinterpretation. Mine "I don't think so" is related to your second question. I have check yet the bug 50369.

Yeah, it seems to be counting the sections correctly, but not adding the section edit links for some reason.