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Time consuming to get files out of phabricator into correct place
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We have images attached to a task (see T76175 for an example) which I need to put into version control system. The only option is to click the download button, which will save the file on the default save location on my computer. I then have to go there using my favorite tool (command line) and move it to another location (usually to another machine with scp) manually. Typing those paths takes time.

I could do this much faster if I could have a link or URL which I can copy to clipboard, go to the tab where I have command line open in the correct place already and use wget to download the file.

I also tried to inspect the actual HTTP request to capture the url. That one only works if I take the penultimate URL which results in 302 redirect to another domain, weird.

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This seems to be a problem specific to SVGs not rendering. See for instance T273, where you can obtain the actual URLs of the graphics displayed.