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Be able to specify languages for icons (not just use ltr -> rtl substitution)
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Description provides an RTL version of the 'help' icon, but doesn't work because the build process assumes that "file" maps to a string and doesn't resolve the object. Resolving the object would need OOjs UI, however, so… bootstrapping issue?

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This would require us to generate per-language CSS files for distribution. The syntax you used is supported by MediaWiki's ResourceLoaderImageModule, but currently not by OOUI's image generator thingy.

For MediaWiki, we can use ResourceLoader and ResourceLoaderImageModule, which support this kind of thing natively.

For standalone OOjs UI, we should try out some magic with :lang() selectors.

We could also merge the LTR/RTL stuff together with :dir() selectors, which are coming 'soon' if the current draft of Selectors 4 remains true:

It's be nice to implement a more compact format for our sanity – one proposal:

1Current format
3"italic": { "file": {
4 "default": "italic-a.svg",
5 "ar": "italic-arab-meem.svg",
6 "be": "italic-k.svg",
7 "cs": "italic-i.svg",
8 "da": "italic-k.svg",
9 "de": "italic-k.svg",
10 "en": "italic-i.svg",
11 "es": "italic-c.svg",
12 "eu": "italic-e.svg",
13 "fa": "italic-arab-keheh-jeem.svg",
14 "fi": "italic-k.svg",
15 "fr": "italic-i.svg",
16 "gl": "italic-c.svg",
17 "he": "italic-i.svg",
18 "hu": "italic-d.svg",
19 "hy": "italic-armn-sha.svg",
20 "it": "italic-c.svg",
21 "ka": "italic-geor-kan.svg",
22 "ksh": "italic-s.svg",
23 "ky": "italic-k.svg",
24 "ml": "italic-i.svg",
25 "nl": "italic-c.svg",
26 "nn": "italic-k.svg",
27 "no": "italic-k.svg",
28 "os": "italic-k.svg",
29 "pl": "italic-i.svg",
30 "pt": "italic-i.svg",
31 "ru": "italic-k.svg",
32 "sv": "italic-k.svg",
36Current format, grouped
38"italic": { "file": {
39 "default": "italic-a.svg",
40 "ar": "italic-arab-meem.svg",
41 "cs": "italic-i.svg",
42 "en": "italic-i.svg",
43 "fr": "italic-i.svg",
44 "he": "italic-i.svg",
45 "ml": "italic-i.svg",
46 "pl": "italic-i.svg",
47 "pt": "italic-i.svg",
48 "be": "italic-k.svg",
49 "da": "italic-k.svg",
50 "de": "italic-k.svg",
51 "fi": "italic-k.svg",
52 "ky": "italic-k.svg",
53 "nn": "italic-k.svg",
54 "no": "italic-k.svg",
55 "os": "italic-k.svg",
56 "sv": "italic-k.svg",
57 "ru": "italic-k.svg",
58 "es": "italic-c.svg",
59 "gl": "italic-c.svg",
60 "it": "italic-c.svg",
61 "nl": "italic-c.svg",
62 "eu": "italic-e.svg",
63 "fa": "italic-arab-keheh-jeem.svg",
64 "hu": "italic-d.svg",
65 "hy": "italic-armn-sha.svg",
66 "ksh": "italic-s.svg",
67 "ka": "italic-geor-kan.svg",
72Compact format
74"italic": { "files": {
75 "default": "italic-a.svg",
76 "ar": "italic-arab-meem.svg",
77 "cs,en,fr,he,ml,pl,pt": "italic-i.svg",
78 "be,da,de,fi,ky,nn,no,os,sv,ru": "italic-k.svg",
79 "es,gl,it,nl": "italic-c.svg",
80 "eu": "italic-e.svg",
81 "fa": "italic-arab-keheh-jeem.svg",
82 "hu": "italic-d.svg",
83 "hy": "italic-armn-sha.svg",
84 "ksh": "italic-s.svg",
85 "ka": "italic-geor-kan.svg",

Change 201486 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bartosz Dziewoński):
Support (poorly) per-language icon versions in colorize-svg.js

Change 201495 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bartosz Dziewoński):
ResourceLoaderImage: Allow shorthand syntax

Change 201486 merged by jenkins-bot:
Support (poorly) per-language icon versions in colorize-svg.js

Change 201495 merged by jenkins-bot:
ResourceLoaderImage: Allow shorthand syntax

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