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Link adaptation broken for text written by the user
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It seems that adapting links work only on specific circumstances but several other usecases are broken making it impossible for users to add links.

Trying to add links from link cards

When the user selects a piece of text in the translation and link cards are shown, an "add link" option should be provided.

Currently, after clearing a paragraph I write a word for which a link exists such as "wok" and although I get the link cards, I get no option to add such link.

The same happens when the word added is not in the source text and you try to link it (e.g., using "Bratislava" in the example above.

When Machine Translation is used, adding new links by selecting text seems to work as long as you do it inside the specific sentence that corresponds to the sentence where the source link is, which is a strange limitation that may help to identify the source of the issue.

Trying to add links using source links

When selecting some text and clicking on a source link I would expect the selected text to turn into a link. Instead the following wrong behaviours are produced:

  • The selected text does not turn into a link.
  • The focus is lost from the editing area.
  • Link cards appear with the action to "remove link" despite the fact that there is no link to be removed in the translation.

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Change 179206 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jsahleen):
Links: Fix bug with links from user text


Adding links by clicking on source link was fixed in this patch:

Change 179206 merged by jenkins-bot:
Links: Fix bug with links from user text

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