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Self-closing HTML tags shouldn't be accepted
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According to the HTML5 spec, normal elements must have a start and end tag, but for some exceptions. Currently Parsoid accepts these tags as valid, as seen in the test: "Handling html with a div self-closing tag" in parserTests.txt:

<div title />
<div title/>
<div title/ >
<div title=bar />
<div title=bar/>
<div title=bar/ >

results in

<div title="" data-parsoid='{"stx":"html","selfClose":true}'></div>
<div title="" data-parsoid='{"stx":"html","selfClose":true}'></div>
<div title="" data-parsoid='{"stx":"html","selfClose":true,"brokenHTMLTag":true}'></div>
<div title="bar" data-parsoid='{"stx":"html","selfClose":true}'></div>
<div title="bar" data-parsoid='{"stx":"html","selfClose":true}'></div>
<div title="bar/" data-parsoid='{"stx":"html","autoInsertedEnd":true}'></div>

PHP parser renders them as text:

<p>&lt;div title /&gt;
&lt;div title/&gt;
<p>&lt;div title=bar /&gt;
&lt;div title=bar/&gt;
<div title="bar/"></div>

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Both PHP Parser and Parsoid now render self-closed HTML tags as <tag></tag>. Separately, we have created a high priority linter category to have editors fix up these incorrect uses of self-closing tags.

At some point in the future once Tidy is replaced and this category is sufficiently sparse across all wikis, we'll probably stop accepting them altogether.

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This is no longer a Parsoid-specific issue. Whether such invalid tags should parse as text or the way it is rendering now is left for future cleanup discussion.