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Show Navigation Strip for Collections in Media Viewer
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As a user, I want a navigation strip offiles in a media collection, so I can preview them and find the ones I want.

Acceptance Criteria

We would like to offer a simple thumbnail strip for a collection, to let users preview its files at a glance:

  • A 'Collection' button is shown on the lower right of the screen (to indicate this file is part of a collection)
  • The number of files in the collection is shown (a collection can be all images in an article, gallery or category)
  • Clicking on the 'Collection' button showsa thumbnail strip for that collection (see mockup 2 below)
  • About 7 thumbnails are shown at a time, with the selected image on the left (with a blue highlight)
  • If a thumbnailis for a PDF slideshow, video or audio file, a file type icon is shown to identify it
  • If a thumbnail is for a PDF slideshow (or sub-category?), show the number of items it contains (optional)
  • To close the navigation strip ,click on the Collection button again.

See this design exploration PDF on how Media Viewer design concepts can support different media types.

For specific design recommendations, review slides starting at page 1 (see mockups below, and notes below that).


Media-Viewer-Collection-Button.png (506×598 px, 311 KB)

Media-Viewer-Collection-Strip.png (512×591 px, 276 KB)


  • Note that a 'Play' button is proposed in the right hand side, to activate the slideshow mode (see separate card #161 ).
  • This is a 'must have' feature, because other features depend on it (e.g. PDF slides #160 ).
  • We could integrate thiswith fullscreen, if it's easy (the collection button would only appear if you hover).

About Media Viewer

Read more on MediaWiki product page .

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