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Depend on mwparserfromhell consistently across operating systems
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The mwparserfromhell library allows bot developers to focus on actual code instead of regexes.
It should probably be required for many features in pywikibot, not only on *nix.

Automatic Windows builds are worked on upstream:

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Any reasons why mwparserfromhell shouldn't be required?

I thought that issue was caused by an incorrectly set-up Windows build environment, which @valhallasw and I resolved by distributing binaries with releases? I'm not clear on this since I haven't looked in a while, but it seems the underlying problem is blocking py3.3 and py3.4 builds. Would fixing that and releasing v0.4 along with the necessary binaries be sufficient to fix this?

I think so, yes, and then we (as pywikibot) need to make sure the wheels actually get used on windows (and, for example, figure out how to provide nightlies that include/install mwparserfromhell). But that should really be a more generic 'dependency management' task.

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fwiw, mwparserfromhell 4.0 can now be released with py3.3 & py3.4 support using pure python mode, if nothing else works.

In , we could use 'git+' as the dependency url , which will automatically fallback to pure python mode

yay, mwparserfromhell 4.0 is released.

One of the strongest outcomes of the python wiki library meeting yesterday was that the 'common library' needs to have only one dependency: requests. So if pywikibot is going to be the common library, we need to make mwparserfromhell optional on all platforms.

Change 213480 had a related patch set uploaded (by John Vandenberg):
Set mwparserfromhell as optional on all platforms

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Not stalled anymore.

Change 213480 merged by XZise:
Set mwparserfromhell as optional on all platforms

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