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Image upload does not appear in the upload log
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This image was upload (2 times) but
MW has not write this in the log and the image page don't exist (like when it's in Commons but it

The file directory are and!Joy_session_au_bbf06.jpg

Version: 1.7.x
Severity: normal
Whiteboard: aklapper-moreinfo



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Most likely due to funky database transaction boundaries. Will take a look...

chrisipk wrote:

The same thing seems to be happening to . This is what happened:
I transferred the image using CommonsHelper, everything looked fine there. When I looked at the image on Commons, I noticed it does not have a description page. I copied the source of the description page from the CommonsHelper and created the description page with this code. Now I am looking at the image once again to realise that it is gone and only the description page remains. However, it still exists on the server ( I am wondering: what makes the image disappear? Why did it show directly after upload and now (few days later), MW tells me that there has never been an image while it exists on the upload server?

IRC log at 14:58:24 UTC: <rc> ♥14[[♥07Special:Log/upload♥14]]♥4 upload♥10 ♥02♥ ♥5*♥ ♥03File Upload Bot (Magnus Manske)♥ ♥5*♥ ♥10uploaded "[[♥02Image:Parsec drawing.png♥10]]": {{BotMoveToCommons|de.wikipedia}}{{Information|Description={{de|Parsec SchemazeichnungZeichnung: Dipl. Phys. V. Knierim}}|Source=Transferred from [ de.wikipedia]; transferred to Commons by [[User:ChrisiPK]] using [ CommonsHelper].|Date=20

Maybe it was created and then rollbacked?

r45058 may help with these issues

This seems resolved to me. Can one confirm?

(In reply to comment #5)

This seems resolved to me. Can one confirm?

Seb35 / ChrisiPK: ping?

chrisipk wrote:

Sorry, I don't know how to reproduce the error. It just happened to pop up from time to time but I couldn't isolate which factors are triggering it. I had hoped you might get something from internal logs (if there is such a thing).

Thanks for the quick answer!

Realistically speaking this is probably not worth investigating nowadays anymore, plus for mentioned example "Cette page a été supprimée". :-/